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Patricia Power’s Top Tips for improving home comfort

Patricia Power’s Top Tips for improving home comfort

  1. Focus on the main structure of your home. Energy prices are high and rising, but reducing your energy bills is just one benefit. Triple glazed windows and doors, wall insulation, and efficient heating systems, for instance, are the things that improve the thermal comfort value and warmth of your home. Done correctly, these improvements will pay for themselves over and over.
  2. Replacing windows and doors will not only reduce your energy bills and save you money in the long-term, it will also improve energy-efficiency, reduce noise and increase security. Replacing these also allows you the opportunity to change the look of your home.
  3. Be careful! Choose wisely in relation to the company you appoint to do these works – if you disregard the differences between companies, it could end in tears. Remember you get what you pay for so making the smart choice can ultimately save you in the long run.
  4. So, check how long they have been in business. Do they have independent quality certification, for instance? Ask for references and check customer reviews.
  5. Safety is crucial. They will be working in your home, so it is important that you check their credentials – ask for their insurance certs. Do they have recognised health and safety certification? Are their staff trained? As you are the homeowner, you are obligated to check all of this in the unfortunate event of something happening.